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Wildlife Photography Workshop –
Southern and Eastern Finland

Available dates:
June 9th – June 16th, 2019

Join us this summer for an exclusive and unique Wildlife Photography Workshop! Get a chance to get up close and personal with local Helsinki city wildlife and photograph the wild bears and other mammals in Eastern Finland in special built hides. Well known Finnish wildlife photographers Konsta Punkka, Ossi Saarinen and Tuomas Heinonen will guide you through the week showing you the best tricks and tips to capture the emotions and feelings of the animals. During the midnight-sun season we have a special opportunity to work during early mornings and late evenings in the best golden light. This workshop is suitable for both beginners and more advanced photographers. It will give you a special access to get next-level animal portraits.


Three photo guides, accommodation (hotel and hides), transportation, post-processing courses, wildlife hides.


Flights or travel expenses arriving and departing at and from the starting location in Helsinki-Vantaa International airport (HEL). Any private insurances, taxes, duty and visa fees where applicable. All meals or personal items.

DAY 1 

Arrival day. Check-in to Hotel close to Central Helsinki. Get together briefing dinner in Helsinki.

DAY 2 - DAY 3

Photographing wildlife in Southern Finland during early mornings and late evenings. Mid-day (harsh light time) for resting. Photographing the local wildlife. Target subjects: Foxes, squirrels, raccoon dogs, moose, deers etc..

DAY 4 - DAY 7

Photographing wildlife in Eastern Finland. Staying in wildlife hides from afternoon to the next day morning. Sleeping in the hides. Target subjects: Wolves, bears, wolverines, eagles etc..


On the day 8 we will drive back towards Helsinki and stay over night in close to Helsinki International Airport. After the final dinner the workshop has come to an end.

Please keep in mind that when we focus on photographing wildlife we can not promise you anything, but we will provide the best possible chance to capture the most amazing moments. The schedule might also change depending on the weather and the changing locations of the wildlife.



3.950€ / PERSON

Reserve your once in a lifeTIME wildlife experince now! Only 9 spots per workshop available!

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Konsta Punkka

@kpunkka /

Konsta Punkka is a worldwide published wildlife, adventure & landscape photographer and speaker. Specialised to capture expressions and feelings of wildlife around the world. Clients varies from car industries and photography brands to tourism boards and outdoor brands. He has also worked with several organisations sharing the effects of climate change. Konsta has attracted over one million Instagram followers, thanks in large part to his magical up-close photos of wildlife and beautiful landscape views of the world.


Ossi Saarinen

@soosseli /

Ossi Saarinen is a 22-year-old self-taught wildlife photographer based in Finland. He’s best known for his personal shots of Finnish wildlife such as foxes and bird species, which have gained a huge attention in social media. Ossi’s work has been featured in hundreds of international medias and he’s publishing his first book of wildlife photography in March 2019. 


Tuomas Heinonen

@tuomasheinonenphotography /

Tuomas Heinonen is an award-winning and well-known professional nature photographer from Finland. His main subjects are wild mammals and birds but does also landscape photography. With his photos Tuomas has illustrated several articles, books, calendars and other places such as health care centers to bring joy to their patients.

Tuomas works as an ambassador of MrJan Gear by testing and developing their photographing products.

Frequently asked questions

What type of gear I need on this trip?

  • Outdoor clothing, hiking shoes, sleeping bag (most of the hides provide you a sleeping bag but you can bring your own if you want to) tripod and tripod head (most of the hides have a screw to put your tripod head into)

  • Camera gear: Professional gear, DSLR camera with variety of lenses (some of the animals might come pretty close to you so it is good to have a wide-angle and ex.50mm lens. For wolves it is good to have minimum 200mm lens) lens extender.

How are the hides like?

  • The hides are made of wood and includes two to five camera holes to photograph the wildlife. All the hides are equipped with bed for resting and lavatories or something similar for personal needs.

  • Some of the hides have electricity but mostly you have to beware yourself with many camera batteries and powerbanks as the charging possibilities might be limited.

  • Once you enter the hide you cannot go out of there before the next morning. The guides will bring you to the hides and guide you out of the next morning.

  • The hides are not any way luxurious, but it is the only way to photograph the wildlife in the wild.

What are the chances to see wildlife?

  • Very likely, what comes to wildlife we cannot promise you anything, but most of the animals are very likely to be seen according to our years of knowledge on the field. In Helsinki we might need to divide the workshop group on smaller groups to get the best chance to photograph the shyest species.

What level of photography do I need to be?

  • This workshop is open from beginners to advanced photographers, but we recommend to know the basics how camera and photographing works before coming to the trip. Sometimes wildlife moments happen fast so it is better to be familiar with your equipment.

How do I get to the starting point in Helsinki?

  • There is many ways to come to Helsinki. One of the easiest ways is to take a flight to Helsinki International Airport. From there you can use taxi or public transport to get to the hotel we have booked. ( We will confirm the hotel for you closer to the starting dates. )

What flights do I book for the return?

  • We will arrive back to Helsinki on Sunday evening on June 16th or July 7th so after that you can book your flights back for the next day or so on.

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